Like a lot of people, you have probably made New Year resolutions or promises to yourself that you will change those parts of your life you’re not happy with. And chances are that you have let yourself down by not acting on those promises, or quickly fallen back into old habits.

One of the reasons many New Year resolutions go unfulfilled is that we rarely take the time to think clearly about the result we want to achieve. You could call it ‘the ultimate outcome’.

When you resolve to change one of your life habits or patterns, it’s important to be totally clear about the real reason for the change.


Let’s say your plan is to join the local gym. You’ve been putting it off for ages but never seem to get around to doing it.

Why not? Because is joining the gym actually your life goal? Probably not, but the only way you will find out what it actually does represent is to end your decisions with the word “because”.

For example, “I want to join the local gym – because I want to do three workouts every week”. But why would you want to do that? Dig deeper – “because I want to increase my fitness so I can feel better… because when I’m fitter I feel better and have more energy… because I want to be able to play with the kids… because playing with them makes me happy”.

Aha, you’re there! You’ve reached the ultimate outcome of why you want to join the gym.

This process is perfect for every major decision you make in your life. As long as you know the end result to which you are aspiring, there will be a better chance of you following through—because what are the consequences if you don’t?

When resolving to make changes in your life remember it is not enough to just decide what change you want to make. Your resolution is more likely to be achieved if you make it clear what you are trying to achieve and why you want to do it.

Start making your resolutions today!