Insurance is where I look to save a little bit of money.

Excess – we have a good savings buffer, so we run a higher insurance excess to reduce our annual premiums.

Frequency – some insurance companies (RACQ cough) charge an extra fee if you pay monthly instead of annually, so we always budget to pay for our insurance premiums annual to save a bit of extra money.

Encumbrances – insurers charge more if you have finance owing on your car, so if you have paid off your car recently, make sure you notify your insurance company that it is now unencumbered and save a few dollars.


I make sure I look at the “PetrolSpy” app to find which fuel station has the cheapest prices in the area. To then top that if it is a 7/11 I will use the 7/11 app to use its “fuel lock” feature which will grab the lowest 7/11 fuel price around you (possibly from one further than you were willing to go to) and use that as the price of the 7/11 you go to.

I ensure I use the recommended fuel for my car or better (98), so my car is less likely to run into mechanical issues and expensive repairs in the future. This may seem more expensive however combined with using the above apps it works out to be very advantageous.


Just like Harry I use PetrolSpy and 7 eleven fuel app. I mostly use the PetrolSpy app for its average fuel price tracker since our petrol prices seem to run in a 2-to-3-week cycle and using the 7 eleven app allows me to lock in before the spike. The 7 eleven app isn’t as good as what it used to be though now it limits your saving to 25cents a litre.

Did you know that your registration is more expensive depending on your engine?

For common vehicles, If you have 1,2, 3 or 4 cylinders, electric, or steam

Your total costs for a 12-month registration period using Class 1 CTP insurance premiums would be at least $716.05 (Registration + CTP + Traffic improvement fee)

If you have 5 or 6 cylinders

Your total costs for a 12-month registration period using Class 1 CTP insurance premiums would be at least $1,003.45 (Registration + CTP + Traffic improvement fee)

So, it may be worth considering switching up your vehicles for cheaper registration.

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This was consideration for use in purchasing our new car, a V6 petrol was cheaper than the 4cyclinder turbo diesel, but the difference in fuel economy and rego we felt would be easily recouped in the first couple of years of ownership.

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