Committed to young families and professionals

With so many options for managing your finances, sometimes you need a real person to talk to. Someone with the right knowledge to sift out what’s valid for YOU.


Here’s what Funded Futures works hard to give you:

A listening ear

An in-depth understanding of your financial needs and dreams. Working with you to pinpoint realistic, achievable goals.


Letting you know from the outset what financial advice will cost you and the benefits delivered. I’ll take that one step further and share my own financial journey too (where it helps), mistakes and all.


I am not your set-and-forget financial planner. I’ll help you stay accountable to your goals, both financially and personally (because let’s face it, everything costs money) and move you towards financial security.

Quality service

At the end of the day, when you follow the plan, you reap the harvest of your planning investment. You achieve your financial goals and learn a whole lot on the way, because you get a comprehensive, effective service.


Hi, I'm Matthew

I’ve grown my business through relationships as people have trusted me to navigate life’s financial uncertainties with them.

My quals

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Economics, and went on to do my Diploma of Financial Planning. I became a licensed adviser in 2018, after completing my national adviser exam. Don’t let that date deter you, though.

Having a young family myself, I’ve personally ticked off a lot of the milestones, (only school fees and retirement left) so I’ve got the latest tips and strategies for the journey you might be starting.

Being licensed means I stay up to date with the latest rules and legislation. I also like to keep up with digital trends that support financial planning.

A personal favourite

I’ll happily spend time building strings of bite-sized explanations for complex money schemes and concepts. Why? Because I get a kick out of those moments when people catch the big picture of what’s happening to their money and feel more in control.

You’ll learn more about me (and your money!) through my blogs and vlogs.

How I work

Your financial goals are what I’m interested in, and I’ll partner with you to tailor a plan within your budget, for your unique circumstances.

  1. You’ll start with a 45-minute, free, no-obligation consultation. I’ll get an outline of your needs, and we’ll see if my services are the right fit for you.
  2. In our second meeting we’ll go through high-level strategies on how to meet your goals, and the associated costs.
  3. You’ll then pick a strategy that’s easiest for you to stick to, and you’ll get the low down on what value a financial planner is bringing you.

Peace of mind is often what people talk about when they describe what they got out of having a financial planner.

Let’s talk

I’m keen to meet you. Book your free meeting so we can discuss your goals and how you can get there.